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Historic Workings Sampling 2019

This ongoing program comprises underground surveying, mapping and sampling on the more than 8,000 meters of historic mine workings in the Pamlico Ridge area. Only about one thirtieth of the area covered by the old mines has been drill-tested and the information obtained from the tunnels will be an important facet of planning upcoming drilling programs.

Sampling Results


5471 Level


Channel sampling from the 5471 foot level of the Pamlico Mine has returned a composite interval averaging 1.26 grams gold per metric tonne (g/t Au) over 41.1 meters. This area of sampling lies approximately 280 meters southeast of the Merritt Area where the bulk of the Company’s drilling to date has been conducted.


The channel samples within the 5471 level range from 0.33 to 1.52 meters, average 1.1 meters in length, with grades ranging from 0.06 to 8.20 g/t Au. All samples consist of intensely oxidized and fractured lithic tuff with no visible remnant sulfides and no apparent silicification, which is typical of the gold mineralization at Pamlico.


5446 Level


Preliminary channel sampling on the 5446 foot level, approximately 190 meters to the northwest of the 5471 level sampling and 150 meters south of the Merritt Area has returned multiple channel samples ranging from 0.5 to 23.8 g/t Au.

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